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Jerry Brown Adhesive System One $23.00

The Need for a Special Adhesive

Several plastics such as polyethylene, polypropylene, fluorocarbon and Spectra are known as "low surface energy plastics".  They are not readily bondable with ordinary adhesives.  To make them bondable by adhesives, one must first modify the surface.  With this modification a specially prepared adhesive can be made which is effective in making a bond. 

Adhesive System One accomplishes this for Spectra.

Product Description

Adhesive System One consists of two separate components in separate bottles.

  1. Energizer One:
    This comes in a glass bottle with a small brush inside, attached to the cap.  This modifies the surface of the Spectra to make it compatible with the adhesive.  It takes only seconds to be effective; it evaporates quickly.  
    Energizer One is flammable, do not smoke; be careful to avoid sparks or flames.
  2. Bond One:
    This is a specially formulated adhesive tailored to bond to the surface-activated plastic (Spectra) formed by treatment with "Energizer One".  This, too, is extremely fast acting and is accelerated by oxygen or moisture.

How to Use

  1. Prepare a Top-Shot by inserting monofilament inside hollow, spliceable Spectra or Dacron to a length of four (4) feet.
  2. Test to demonstrate that the "Chinese Finger Cuff" you have formed can not be pulled apart under tension.  Do this by pulling hard and steady on the monofilament AND the Spectra or Dacron (NOT the section with the monofilament inside) at the same time.  If properly done, it will hold; however, you must still make sure that it can not pull out under slack conditions - this is the purpose of half-hitches, crimps, adhesives, etc.
  3. The next two steps are made easier with the Handy Clamps Two - a dandy portable Top-Shot rigging device also available from Jerry Brown Industries.
  4. Brush Energizer One onto the prepared Spectra  / monofilament Top-Shot at a point about one (1") inch  from the point where the monofilament enters the Spectra.  Energizer One will wick through the braided Spectra onto the monofilament inside.  The reaction is quick, with the excess evaporating - leaving both surfaces prepared for the application of Bond One.
  5. Cut the tip from the plastic bottle of Bond One.  Squeeze out a small amount of the adhesive to the pretreated, one (1") inch portion of the Top-Shot.  Bonding is quick - very quick.  The bond is complete in less than a couple of minutes and the Top-Shot is ready for use after a check to determine if the bonding is accomplished.
    Caution: the adhesive will bond to skin.  It can be removed with most fingernail polish remover or acetone.  Observe cautions for these products.

Other Adhesives

Certain other adhesives claim to bond to Spectra, but they either form a very weak bond or the bonds are weakened by water.  Most really just coat the surface of the many fibers of the Spectra giving the appearance of the a bond.

Other Uses

You will discover that Adhesive System One will be very useful in solving other difficult bonding problems - plastics and metals included.

Special Notes

Close the containers of both Energizer One and Bond One immediately after use.  Do not add one to another.  Follow directions above.  Avoid smoking, flames, or sparks when using Energizer One.

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 29 July, 2005.
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